ARTZ UK is a part of Artists for Alzheimer's®, an organisation inspired by an approach developed
in the USA. ARTZ promotes programmes that facilitate access to arts of all kinds both for people with
dementia living in the community and care homes. The programmes include:

Many artists, groups and
organisations are now working
to promote non-pharmacological
approaches i.e. non drug
treatments to dementia
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•   Establishing a network of amateur and professional artists who volunteer for 1 hour per year to
     work with or perform for people with dementia in care homes or in day settings in the community.

•   Providing guided tours in museums and art galleries using specially trained staff and volunteers to     create successful visits with people with dementia engaging their interest and creating memories

•   Developing programmes in local cultural institutions that support access and welcome people
    with dementia

•   Building a network of cultural institutions, including sports clubs, cafés, cinemas and theatres in     every locality in order to offer a weekly programme of events for people with dementia and carers

In the same way that it ‘takes a village’ to raise the next generation,
we can, with your help, link health and social services, voluntary organisations, commerce and business, cultural institutions and
many others to act as a ‘virtual village’ supporting people with
dementia and their families.
John Zeisel, PhD
Sean Caulfield
ARTZ Co-Founder
Maria Parsons
ARTZ-UK Co-ordinator