Many artists, groups and organisations are now working to promote non-pharmacological
approaches i.e. non drug treatments to dementia. At the same time museums, galleries and
other institutions have been reaching out to older people and now those with dementia.


The resources below are indicative of the field and should provide a useful starting point for
both artists and those commissioning the arts.

The Journal of Dementia Care is the leading journal for those working in dementia
care. It is published six times a year. > subscription details

The Culture and Well Being website offers a wide range of contacts of those working
in arts and health. It also hosts the Creative Arts for Dementia Network that is being
developed in response to the need for a specialist network for those commissioning
or providing arts services for people with dementia. > website

Rosetta Life make inspirational films about people living with chronic and terminal
illness including dementia. > website

Ladder to the Moon uses relationship theatre in work with staff to improve the quality
of dementia care in care homes. > website

Other resources are:
•  Turtle Key Arts  > website
•  Living Words     > website
•  John Killlick       > website
•  Music for Life    > website