Learning and Training
We offer a range of different learning experiences and training that
can be tailored for different groups and audiences.
  We work with
•  Staff working in museums and galleries both who are responsible for outreach to
   communities perhaps through hands on heritage sessions or as guides who need to
   ensure that groups with different needs have positive visits.
•  Care home staff providing support to develop activities in the home and to accessing
   resources in the community
•  Volunteer artists and performers who want to use their work to inspire people with
   dementia living in the community or in care homes.
•  Organisations that want to increase awareness of dementia amongst their staff

We can offer
•  One day workshops ‘Connecting with the memories that are still there.’ that briefs
   participants about the impact of dementia and how to work with people with dementia
   in ways that connect with memories that are still there.
•  A  5 day programme that offers much more in depth understanding of dementia and includes
   the development of a specific programme for institutions that wish to offer specialist tours.
•  A  5 day programme for care home staff that include environmental improvements as part of
   a comprehensive approach to improving the quality of care through the arts.
•  Commissioned pieces of longer consultancy work with organisations that include an audit
   of current practice and the development of arts and dementia strategy, policy and training.

•  All of our training is cross referenced with the new specialist dementia pathway.