ARTZ volunteers are varied in their technical skills and formal training, from amateur enthusiasts to
world-class performers. The ARTZ programme sees “art” as anything that is done artistically—that is,
with creativity, passion, and selflessness. 
As a part of ARTZ you will become a part of this web site - we will publish your work and include
your picture and bio. We can also publish a link to your personal website.

Evan Bass, a New York based actor and improviser, has studied with the WARD Studio,
the Upright Citizens Brigade, and the Magnet Theater. Evan has acted in numerous
New York plays and films. He is best known for his role of Rod in the renowned web
series, We Need Girlfriends.
Evan's Artists for Alzheimer's presentation included an interactive journey through
radio shows of the 1930s, '40s, and '50s, all the while dressed in a 1950s suit and
his grandfather's tweed hat.
Learn more at Evan's web site:
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